Iurie Șalaru
Manager Public Media Grup

Honestly before going to Germany, I did not understand the selection criteria of the group of which I was a member. Moreover, I could not understand why the group was so diverse group as business activities: agriculture, medicine, security, pharmaceutical, software, stores - retail, banking, advertising, furniture, travel. Respectively, I didn’t understand what all these businesses could have in common.

It was a great time, full of seminars, trainings, visits to companies during that I realized that virtually all of us, no matter what we do day by day, have same questions: how to delegate responsibility, how we select staff, where do we get the money to finance our opportunities from and, not least, how to better promote our business.

I was wondering the last day when someone from GIZ or German Academy of Management told us that they cannot know what discussionsand negotiations we’ve had with German companies and were not aware of what partnerships are established, but is sure that at least after return back home 20 to 30 local partnerships will be created in Moldova.

I do not know if intentionally or not I went to Germany in the middle of the global crisis or on the eve the economic crisis in Moldova, to vaccinate or protect us from small or large economic storm. It is certain that if I will have an opportunity to apply again to such a programme, I will not hesitate a moment.