Structured Business Plan took place
Preconditions for investment and new business fields

In period 24-25 October 2011, a Training named "Structured Business Plan took place. Preconditions for investment and new business fields», having as speaker Mr. Fred Ludolf, lecturer and consultant in this field. This workshop were organized by INVENT Moldova and GIZ and was held at Best Western Plus Flowers Hotel.

The participants of the training were able to obtain information on the business plan, basic principles how to formulate a vision and mission and strategy models for achieving success.

23 managers from various areas attented the workshop. We are sure that the knowledge received will beapplied for obtaning better results in their activities.

Motivation of employees

"Motivation of employees" training was held from 6 to 7 July 2012, in Chisinau, by Ms. Nicola Brandes, aGerman expert in human resources management, negotiation and communication skills. Training has beenorganized by INVENT Moldova with the support of GIZ. The event was held in the Skytower Business Center.

26 participants of the workshop have received practical information with a high degree of utility, which willhopefully influence the activity of each participant in a direct and positive way.

They will be able to implement strategies for employees motivation and communication techniques learned over the two days. Feedback from subordinates is a first step on the path to success.