You can join INVENT Moldova by:

1. Filling in the attached form and sending it to the address indicated on the form;

2. Filling in a membership application and sending it to the address indicated in this application;

3. Paying a membership fee to INVENT Moldova in the amount of 10 Euro for the year 2012, on the bank account specified in the application. *

This information is needed in order to create a database of graduates that will be processed in accordance with internal criteria and general requirements prescribed by countries-parties to MOU.

INVENT Moldova Team


P.S. Please note the open nature of the INVENT Moldova and the fact that any graduate can communicate and express freely any suggestion to INVENT Moldova working group. Please visit site regularly for news and information.

* Alumni’s Manager Training Programme German – Moldovacan become a member of INVENT Moldova only after the payment of the membership fee.