Good start!

Enthusiasm, hard work and a strong desire of Manager Training Programme Germany-Moldovagraduate,who have been in Germany in January-February 2013. The meeting took place at Pizzeria "Celentano" in downtown on April, 10th this year.

During this informal meeting issues about INVENT Moldova were discussed, its purpose and objectives, and not least the benefits of membership. I noticed that participants were interested to work with our team that means that it is a good start.

This was the first meeting of this kind and I hope that a future effective cooperation will bring to mutual benefits for all participants.


INVENT lunch combines business & pleasure

Mixing business with pleasure is the best combination in any situation. Informal meetings, during a lunch time or at pint of beer can have same efficiency and utility as of an official meeting. Therefore, INVENT Moldova decided to hold starting with this year informal meetings of its founders.

This first roundtable was held on March 28, 2013, at Codru restaurant in the capital. During that lunch topics related to both the association and to events happening within the country have been discussed.

At the end of the meeting, we have noticed that such a business lunch helps not only to solve important problems but knowing better your team, as well.