Adela Cazac
Administrator SKYTOWER Business Centre

I believe that organizing the event "Contacts. Ideas. Partnership. The 4-th Regional Forum GIZ Moldova-Ukraine-Belarus Programme Allumnihas a real importance for the development of cooperation between Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. Furthemore, it is a perfect environment for efficient communication and exchange of informations between local and foreign companies.

Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus are the countries close in terms of mentality, business culture and, of course, historically – that facilitates the networking and partnerships.

INWENT is a platform for information exchange, it is a mutual growth and development of those who are part of it. Programme’s Alumni are numerous and have a variety of businesses. In the modern world without communication business could not be done and it is absolutely vital organizing events at this level and with such finality.

Involvement of new graduates in organizing events and area greatly increases opportunities of cooperation between these countries and the host country, Moldova, brings the greatest contribution to it.

The organized Forum is not one case with "One Day Life" , it is an event that will have continuity in order to bring together experts and entrepreneurs, graduates INWENT.